Beas Kund Trek: Embark on an Adventure


Trekking will be an adventurous option to keep you entertained during the holiday. Well, if you are looking for an easy yet enjoyable hike in Himalayan Pradesh, the Beas Kund Trek is a great choice to start an exciting adventure. Feel alive in the great outdoors, drive there, soak up the breathtaking scenery, walk along the  river, stroll and learn about the local himachali culture. Our detailed blog will help you to  know about the famous Beas Kund trip.    Beas is one of the most famous rivers in the Himalayas and flows through many different places and some of these places are major tourist destinations including Manali which will be your stop before embarking on your trip. go this.Manali is also a good place to acclimatize before embarking on that adventurous vacation. 


Beas Kund, the source of  Beas, is located 12,140 feet above sea level at Kullu. It is believed that Rishi Vyas, who wrote the Mahabharata, bathed in this lake. Possibly in   the term Beas Kund originated with Vyas, the sage; and Kund, a lake.   The trip started from a place called Dhundi, 20 km from Manali.Or alternatively, if you choose Solang as your base, then you only need to drive 8 km  to start your hike. Solang is at 8500ft at a higher elevation than Manali (6730ft) and  will therefore better acclimate you to your trip to Beaskund in case it is your first Himalayan trek. Here’s one thought to keep in mind when deciding where to spend the night before starting the   hike.  

Best Place to Enjoy a Hike 

There are a few reasons that make Beas Kund the best place to enjoy a hike. Here are the best trails that made your decision to go to Beas Kund:   The trek is suitable for beginner hikers and brings you  closer to the glaciers.You’ll find glacial lakes and towering peaks everywhere.  This is one of the shortest treks that can be done in a day  and it also offers mesmerizing views of  Pir Panjal Lake.  Tracing the origins of a river  is fun and  a great choice for exploring unusual landscapes.  Beas Kund is famous for its verdant grasslands and incredible scenery. If time is a major constraint for you and you’re a good hiker, you might consider completing the trek in one day.The   Beas Kund Trail gives you close-up views of the magnificent peaks around Manali such as Friendship Peak, Shitidhar, Ladakhi and Hanuman Tibba.

Excursion to  Swash Beas spring with monstrous mountain views 

Beas Kund has always been a famous day trip in Manali. In short, it leads straight to the source of the river that crosses the city. (You may have followed the  same river upstream when you got to Manali!) 

However, one of the reasons hikers love this tour is the setting. Imagine the lush green champagnes thriving beneath the highest points of the three largest mountains surrounding Manali.In addition, these champagnes hide an emerald green lake from which giraffes emerge. 

The ever-changing view of this tranquil body of water amidst the spiky peaks of the Pir Panjal Mountains adds to the perfection of its scenery.

The Beas Kund Trek is just one of the hottest and most beautiful treks in the Kullu Valley. It is an easy hike and requires no altitude experience. Starting from Manali and through the beautiful Solang Valley, through  spruce and silver nut forests to alpine meadows via Dhundi and Bakarthach where the Spartan Gaddis graze their cows, you finally reach Lake Beas Kund. The lake is set on rugged terrain devoid of any vegetation, and the crystal clear waters of Beas spurt out from behind a round stone resembling an Igloo

Beas Kund: The Enchanting Origin of the Beas River 

The swash is accepted to have been named after the Rishi Ved Vyas. It goes through Himachal Pradesh and Punjab prior to consolidating with the Sutlej swash at Harike( Punjab). Beas takes in water from a few Himalayan feeders during its course and fosters a monstrous body with a seepage repository of 20,303 sq km, and a length of 470 km.

It supports a few cities and districts that fall close to its course. Certain individuals genuinely think that crossing Beas was the greatest chain for Alexander’s irruption of India. Arriving at the starting place of such a huge swash is captivating. Alicia Vancor

What makes the whole excursion so enticing is its consoling geology. The excursion to Beas Kund is spread across huge and lovely glades that are loaded with beautiful wild shops and blossoms. From interesting restorative sauces to phenomenal mushrooms, you’ll see breathtaking foliage just inside only several kilometers of the excursion, assuming you keep an attentive eye. ChatGPT Prompt Engineering

The water at Beas Kund is so cold  it can make your hands numb.Below the Beas River, Manali becomes dangerous in summer as the river’s current is very strong. The Beas Kund Trek and the Brighu Lake Trek are ideal summer hikes for beginners due to their short duration and easy level of difficulty.


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