Pros And Cons Of Heated Floors

Heated floors are the height of comfort and luxury. Having warm floors to walk on during cold winter months or even enjoying the heated bathroom floors as you get ready for the day is appealing. 


Flooring heating has many benefits and disadvantages before opting for them. Whether you opt for hardwood or vinyl flooring in Columbus, heated floors are something to consider:

Pros Of Heated Floors

Uniform Heating

The biggest of getting heated floors is their ability to heat a room and floor uniformly. Forced-air heating systems distribute warm air in the house using vents. Where you put the vents determines which part of the room will be warmer. 


In comparison, underfloor heating heats the entire floor leading to a heated room that is evenly heated and for an ambient temperature around a person’s body. This will make you feel more comfortable at lower ambient temperatures because you won’t experience cold drafts.

Zero Maintenance

Heated floor systems don’t require any kind of maintenance. Once installed, they will easily last for more than 20 years. If the installation results in cable damage, we can easily use a thermal imaging camera to quickly find and repair the issue. 

No Noise

Imagine trying to work with a furnace running in the background. Wouldn’t it be difficult to focus? You won’t have this issue with heated floors as they are quiet. Compared to forced-air systems, no loud furnace will kick on. So you won’t be bothered by any noise when you turn them on.


Heated floors don’t move air around, meaning dust or other allergens in the room won’t be circulated. This is an excellent benefit for those that suffer from asthma or allergies.

Energy Efficient

Heated floors are the most efficient way to heat your home. In fact, compared to forced-air heating systems, they are 20 to 25% more energy efficient. This is because it distributes heat evenly throughout a room, so you won’t have to overheat the room to make up for cold spots. Furthermore, heated floors are efficient since they don’t rely on ductwork that could leak heat. 


Furthermore, advanced technology also allows you to regulate the temperature of the room using a programmable thermostat or WiFi. This means you can heat the room when you want and lower the temperature when the room is not in use. This will result in saved energy and a lower energy bill. Heated floors cost a lot less money to operate. In fact, running the system will take less than a dollar a day for a standard bathroom. 

Easy To Install

Electric heated floor systems are so easy to install that a handy DIYer can do it. Which electric flooring system should you get? That depends on various variables, such as project budget and installation capabilities. Still, the great news is that you can easily use it under any flooring type. You will find them in rolls with the heated cable attached to the mesh in a serpentine pattern.


This is why the installer just has to roll them out, cut, and turn them where essential to fill the room. You can also find them in loose cables with an installation membrane with square studs to hold the cable in place. This option will also have crack-prevention benefits for heated tile floors. Another great benefit is that heated floors don’t need additional ductwork, which can be costly and time-consuming. 

Cons Of Heated Floors

You Will Need To Replace The Flooring

If you want to install heated floors in your home, you must replace your existing ones. The heated system needs to be installed under the new flooring. The most popular flooring choice for heated floor tiles is because they conduct heat well. But you can choose from various options like floating hardwood and vinyl flooring in Columbus, including LVT, engineered wood, and more. 

Elevates The Floor Height A Bit

Heated floors need to installed on the top of the subfloor so your new floors will be raised by an inch. This is will an issue if you have doors that swing into the room, as they won’t clear the new flooring. 


The overall cost of heated floors can be higher than other heating systems. Depending on your chosen flooring, electric floor heating systems can range from $10 to $20 square feet. But remember that heated floors last much longer than other heated systems and are energy efficient. In the long run, you will save money. 


Heated floors as a great addition if you are tired of constantly feeling cold. They are better alternatives to forced-air heating systems and save your energy bill in the long run. They are an excellent option for those cold winter months with easy installation and energy efficiency.

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