Measuring the Success of your Social Media Marketing Efforts is Now Easy

Planning and creating content that needs to go on social media is one of the most exciting things to do as a social media manager. But measuring your marketing efforts may not be as fun as creating a campaign.

Still, it definitely does open up several opportunities for improving your current as well as future marketing campaign results.

Given below is a complete guide on how you can build a successful social media marketing campaign and measure its success.

Building an Effective Social Media Marketing Campaign

Before we go into how you can measure the success of your marketing efforts, let us see how you can launch a successful marketing campaign on social media platforms.

1. Take a Look at What Your Competitors are Doing

Researching what your competitors are doing helps you understand what type of content is working for them and what is not.

You can make use of such insights to improve your own marketing strategy. See how often they are posting on social media and what type of content gets the best results.

2. Come Up With a Solid Strategy

Having a well-crafted strategy for your social media platforms is the key to creating a successful marketing campaign. You need to have a clear purpose for your campaign and choose the right metrics that will help you measure the effectiveness of your efforts.

3. Maintain a Balance Between Promotional and Non Promotional Content

You will not get the results that you are hoping for if you only post promotional content on social media. People are more likely to become uninterested and lose trust and then unfollow from your content. You can repost content that do not promote your products and see if your audience relate to the post and engage with it.

4. Stay Away From Cookie Cutter Content

If you and your brand is unique, then why do you have to copy cotton from others? Make sure to post unique content that works well with the algorithm by adding your own unique twist to the trending topics.

You can reach out to a social media marketing company that can create innovative and unique content for your brand.

Steps to Measure the Success of a Social Media Marketing Campaign

1. Have Clear Goals

The most obvious way to assess how successful your marketing efforts are is by setting social media goals.

You should then select marketing metrics that align with the goals that you have chosen. You need to understand what your social campaigns purpose is clearly including the right expectations and what needs to be done.

Common social media campaign goals include increasing visibility, improving brand awareness, increasing sales, boosting engagement, staying ahead of competition, etc.

You can make use of old social media campaign reports to see how these goals have been typically reached and which metrics help measure these goals.

2. Choose the Right KPIs

KPIs or Key Performance Indicators are crucial in understanding if your social media marketing campaign is effective. A few of them include the reach, engagement with customers, change in the number of followers, etc.

Let’s go through some of them in detail.

  • Online Traffic and Impressions

Online traffic is the easiest way to see if your results are showing up. You can see an increase in the number of visits and page views when your campaign is reaching out to the right people. There will be better engagement rates like those in the number of comments, liked or shared posts, etc.

Improved length of time that the visitors stay on your page, increased sales conversion rates for social media followers compared to those from other sources, greater number of content downloads, etc suggest a successful campaign.

  • Follower Growth

A change in the number of followers across a particular or on all social media platforms is another KPI that you should consider. You need to take a look at how people are responding to your posts and what kind of content is receiving more response.

You can make use of the insights, analytics, or audience data provided by the platform and see how well your campaign is doing.

A social media marketing company can guide you on using these data in the best way possible.

  • Return on Investment

Determining how your social media efforts have influenced a customer’s decision to buy your product can be difficult. But there are a few ways in which you can understand if your return on investment has improved through the efforts of your social media campaign.

One way is to make a specific promotional code available only to those who follow you on your social media platforms. You can then track those sales and see if they exceed the investment that you have made on your social media campaign.

Another way is to correlate your special promotions and ad campaigns to the sales results. But it is necessary to keep in mind that there might also be certain other factors that may have also influenced your sales figures.

  • Sales Lead Generation

Another way to measure the effectiveness of your campaign is by tracking the source of your leads.

You can do this by holding a survey that asks customers how they found you. A simple way to do this is to track your website traffic from the different social media platforms. If all of these seems like too much work, you can always connect with a social media marketing company to help you with them.

3. Determine Which Social Media Analytics Tools You Will Need

Social media measurement may seem like a hectic task but not with the help of social media analytics tools. They can help you track the performance of your campaigns in the most accurate manner.

All you have to do is to research on which tool is best for your needs and goals and the ones that would help you measure the success of your marketing efforts better.

You can start with the social media platforms native analytics like Instagram analytics to measure the impact of your campaign. But keep in mind that going for a more advanced tool will help you understand more about your social media performance and provide more opportunities to improve it.

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