Noterro Vs. Rethink software: Let’s learn more about them

A few of the tools that might help you be confident that your practice is operating efficiently include clinical programming, appointment scheduling, and insurance billing. It’s great that Noterro and Rethink both provide all of these features. Which software is the most suitable for you, and how are these services provided? Take a look at it right now.

What is Noterro Software?

A software for managing online clinics called Noterro was created to make it easier for health professionals like massage therapists to complete their duties. To help practices operate smoothly, the practice management software provides a number of mobile-friendly features. It covers scheduling appointments, managing the practice, SOAP charting, billing, and taking payments.


Noterro Features


Billing and Invoicing


Users may create invoices, send bills, and get paid using Noterro’s billing and invoicing feature, which is a strong tool. Users of Noterro software can create customized invoices with tracking payments, billing codes, and unpaid amounts. The technology also enables patients to pay invoices from virtually anywhere because it accepts various payment options, including PayPal, credit cards, and Stripe. Because it offers automated billing, online payments, and safe data storage, Noterro makes it simple to manage patient billing and invoices. It also makes sure that patient confidentiality and data security are upheld.

Appointment Scheduling


Medical professionals may manage their clinic appointments with ease thanks to Noterro’s appointment scheduling tool. Using the software, therapists can design flexible appointment kinds and availability schedules. They can easily keep track of their patient appointments because of it. Direct online booking through a widget that can be installed onto the practice website allows patients to schedule appointments. Additionally, the platform provides SMS and email appointment reminders that are automated. It lowers the number of rescheduled requests and missed appointments.


Claims Management


The purpose of this feature is to simplify and streamline the insurance billing procedure for medical professionals. It aids in automating the submission, tracking, and decision-making of claims. Users can submit claims online to Noterro through a number of different means. Clearinghouses are a part of it, as is monitoring their development. Additionally, the platform offers customers rapid and simple access to information about the status of their claims by providing transparency into the claims process.


Noterro Pricing

Noterro pricing starts at $25. To receive a personalized pricing quote based on the needs of your practice, select the Get Pricing option for further details.


Noterro Demo

If you’d like to try out the software right away, you may alternatively select Noterro Demo.


Noterro Reviews

Regarding Noterro reviews, as it sets up automatically, the scheduling process is incredibly simple and effective. Excellent email notifications, a receipts function, and a booking system are all included in the software.

What is Rethink EHR Software?


A cloud-based platform called Rethink Behavioural Health was created for the ABA (applied behavioral health) sector and pediatric therapy providers. The software makes it possible for healthcare workers to be better organized by automating a number of time-consuming processes. The fact that RethinkBH provides a training program leading to RBT (Registered Behaviour Technician) accreditation is a standout aspect of the company. It uses videos and satisfies the requirements outlined by the Behaviour Analyst Certification Board (BACB). The software is dynamic and offers pupils difficult courses while offering administrators real-time access to performance dashboards.


Rethink EHR Features


Simplified Scheduling


Rethink streamlines scheduling for the entire practice and makes administrative responsibilities simpler. While considering the needs of the insurance plan, the doctor’s preferences, and the patient’s availability, the software automatically looks for the most convenient appointment times.


Smart Portal


Families can quickly and easily access their child’s medical information through the parent portal provided by Rethink Software. The medical histories and activity summaries of their children, as well as the scheduled visits, can all be simply reviewed by parents. They can also make their own personalized alerts to be informed of significant events. Family members can manage their accounts from any location thanks to the platform’s secure payment processing features.



Clinicians can schedule visits for patients and create thorough invoices for the services they provide with the help of Rethink Behavioural Health. Additionally, it provides a mechanism for automatic payments that enables efficient management of payments from consumers or insurance. Additionally, it may create billing records that medical professionals and patients’ parents could access.


Rethink EHR Pricing


Depending on what your business needs, Rethink software has a range of prices. You can get in touch with them for a specific quote as Rethink pricing is not made available online.


Rethink EHR Demo


For a deeper comprehension of the software, a demo must be scheduled. Get a Rethink demo set up right away.


Rethink EHR Reviews


Rethink reviews indicate that customers are largely pleased with the software because of its simplicity, with 85% of users expressing satisfaction.

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Noterro Vs. Rethink Software—Final Thoughts

Therapy professionals and other healthcare professionals can manage everyday operations with the aid of Noterro, an advanced practice management tool. Because Noterro complies with HIPAA regulations, all patient data is securely stored and shielded from unauthorized access. The highest level of security and privacy is also guaranteed when transferring data, thanks to Noterro’s encrypted communication channels between servers and users’ computers. Noterro is additionally ONC-certified. This certification guarantees that the platform complies with the strictest requirements for healthcare technology.


RethinkBH is intended for small to mid-sized clinics and solo practices. It can make it easier for staff members at therapy facilities to swiftly collect ABA data, billing information, and session notes. Utilize the billing module of Rethink to generate invoices, collect payments, and handle revenue. It provides a parent portal for your consumers in order to guarantee that parents are aware of the most recent advancements in therapy for their kids. Rethink’s suitability for a certain medical practice is ultimately up to the users to decide. Additionally, you can read Rethink Behavioural Health reviews to see how the program is rated by its actual users.


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