Oilfield Operations Management Software


The oilfield service or rentals industry faces daily challenges such as maintaining fleet utilization, planning asset deployment, and communicating with various departments. The job of an Operations and Rental Fleet/Asset Manager can be tough. However, with the help of operations management software, these challenges can be simplified, and daily operations can be streamlined.

Features of Operations Management Software

Operations management software can help manage inventory, track equipment availability, and generate electronic field tickets. It can also schedule and dispatch jobs, track time, and manage inspections and repairs. RigER: Oilfield Services ERP is an excellent example of an operations management software that offers various features such as equipment rentals, field services, mobile oilfield services, dispatching and scheduling, sub-rentals, reserves and backups, maintenance, business analytics, and job costing.

Benefits of Operations Management Software

Oilfield operations management software can help businesses make better decisions by providing them with reports and dashboards that offer insights into cost optimization, efficiency analyses, and profitability. The software can also streamline operations from quoting to invoicing, saving time and reducing errors. Additionally, the software can help track equipment maintenance records, schedule preventative maintenance, and reserve equipment for specific jobs.


In conclusion, the oilfield service or rentals industry can benefit significantly from operations management software. It can help streamline daily operations, improve decision-making processes, and enhance overall profitability. With the help of RigER: Oilfield Services ERP, businesses can track equipment availability, generate field tickets, schedule jobs, and manage inspections and repairs, among other features. The software can help businesses stay on top of their game and be more efficient.

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