Convert Your Instagram Followers into Leads for Your Business

Building and maintaining a social media presence is challenging, especially for a brand. Furthermore, developing and implementing marketing strategies across social media is often overwhelming. However, each social media platform is unique and engages the audience. That will also require an in-depth knowledge of the platforms to utilize them to target the intended audience. Over the years, brands have made an impressive following on Instagram by implementing creative marketing strategies and providing outstanding customer service. The significant following on Instagram is the first step toward expanding the business.

Cultivating a large following who engages with the content on social media platforms is the primary step toward revenue generation. Another crucial step is converting the followers into leads who purchase the product/ service. For the business to succeed, it requires its customers to buy the product/ service, not the followers who want to consume content.

Sometimes the conversation between an engaged user and the opportunity to convert them into customers is slim. On the contrary, there are many strategies social media managers can adopt to spike the conversion rate and monetize the Instagram page. So is the revenue as the customer purchases more from the business.

Let us discuss strategies you can adopt to convert Instagram followers into leads.

1. Start a conversation with customers 

One of the ways to attract customers is to start a conversation with customers. The brands usually focus on producing content like pictures, videos, etc. As a result, they forget to start a conversation with the customers. Therefore, you may engage the audience by asking questions instead of posting videos or other content. For instance, if the business is into fashion, you may ask the customers about their favorite clothing. If you are an electronic device manufacturer, you can ask the customers about the features they want in the devices. If you start a conversation with customers, they will also start talking about the product, thus creating a hipe.

When you begin a conversation, customers may want to schedule an appointment for a demo. That is mainly for a service-based business. You can use appointment scheduling software to organize schedules and enhance the customer’s experience. Picktime is a user-friendly appointment scheduling software. Picktime also improves transparency and gives potential customers the freedom to schedule their appointments. You can also effortlessly send an automated message over email or SMS. The software has features such as a booking button, payment gateway integration, and many more. You should consider the software to manage appointment schedules if you are a business owner.

2. Be authentic

While developing the content strategy, remember that you should not overwhelm potential customers with boring content. Businesses that follow the same content strategy for all the marketing campaigns will get ignored by potential customers. While developing a content strategy, you have to invest time and money in developing the content strategy. For instance, if you plan to create video content, make something that woos potential customers. Luring customers’ attention is a difficult task to start a conversation, which is why staying original is paramount.

3. Promotional discounts

Another way to convert Instagram followers is to offer promotional discounts. For instance, if you have a product/service, you want to launch the product/service in the market. You can offer a discount to promote the product/service to your Instagram followers. The promotional offer can be with a code for a few hours. You can also add a promotional code. As a result, the customer will get tempted to rush and grab the opportunity. In the meantime, you can offer discounts with a promotional code to your Instagram followers from time to time to encourage them to visit the website and make a purchase.

4. Offer incentives to the customers

Another method you can adopt is to give incentives to your customers. For instance, clothing line, and you want to drive up the sales on Instagram. In this scenario, you can run a contest on Instagram. You can create a separate Instagram page to run the contest. After that, you can ask the followers to send their pictures wearing the clothing line. At the end of the content, select a few customer photos and repost them on the Instagram page. Doing so will encourage potential customers to purchase from the business and participate in the contest to get featured. That would, in turn, boost sales and create a buzz about the company on Instagram.

5. Customer service

Customers always appreciate good customer service. For instance, brands that offer exceptional warranty and replacement lure more customers. They would buy the products from the business. Let us assume that you are a wrist watch manufacturer and you provide a great warranty. You can post about a customer visiting the service center to have the watch serviced and what they think about it. That would encourage the potential customer to purchase the products/services more often.

6. Determine the content customer like

To keep the customers engaged, you have to post on Instagram regularly, and you also have to determine the type of content that the clientele prefers. As a result, you can quickly connect with the customer and keep them engaged. You can ask the customers yourself or consult with the industry experts.

7. Send personalized message

You can send a personalized message to your followers on Instagram. Ask them to check the new product line or the clothing line you will launch in the market. You can also give the promotional code or free merchandise. In the meantime, you can encourage your followers to share the content you have created on Instagram. People seem to like attention, and if they feel the brand values its customers and supports its products. In the long run, they will be loyal customers for life.

8. Storytelling

Storytelling intensely engages the customers, and your content on Instagram lures customers to the brand. For instance, you can create video content about how the company came into being, how the products are made and how the employees love the workplace. With Instagram videos, you can engage the audience with special access to how you get things done in the office. For instance, you can create a video about how you develop a content strategy for Instagram if the customers can identify the brand with the people working for the business. They are most likely to trust the company, support it and be loyal customers.

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