Tips for property owners for effective fence maintenance

Wire fences are a common factor in almost all houses and housing complexes around the globe. While they can add a stylish look to the building, their primary role is to keep intruders from breaking into it.

If you have installed these in your house then you are already aware of their benefits. But you might not be aware of the tips to keep them safe from potential damage.

These tips are important because while installing a good quality fence is extremely important it can also cost a lot of money. These are more like an investment than an expenditure. So it is important for all house owners like you to stick to these tips and tricks in order to lower future costs and makes sure that you utilize the most out of the money that you spend.

Here’s a list of tips and tricks for you.

  • Selecting the right quality fence – If you go into the market looking for wire fencing for your property then there’s a fair chance that you might get overwhelmed by the variety of qualities available in the market. It is extremely important for you as a property owner to pick a good quality fence for your use because otherwise it will get damaged within very less time, adding more expense on your shoulders.
  • Regular inspection – Whether it is steel mesh panels or anything else, regular inspection is the only way to ensure that the fencing is not experiencing any kind of damage. You should run frequent checks on the fencing to identify any weak spots or damaged areas. You should also inspect the polls which are supporting the fence as that is holding the entire framework. Always remember, by inspecting on a regular basis you can eliminate the chances of a small issue becoming a big problem.
  • Seasonal cleaning – The wire fence of your property is a constant, so it is quite natural that you won’t be removing it during the winter season or the rainy season. But do you know the accumulation of snow on the fence during winter can completely damage it? When snow forms on the mesh area of the fence, it slowly puts a lot of pressure on the entire fence, ultimately damaging it. Similarly, remove any leaves or branches that fall on them. This way you will be to keep the fence strong and as good as new for a long period of time.
  • Rust treatment – Rust is the reason behind the decay of many things, and steel mesh panels are not at all an exception. Rust can completely damage the whole quality and structure of the fence, so it is a must for all property owners to invest in some rust-free treatments for their fences. Make it a point to apply a thick coat of rust-resistant paint on the fence the very moment you install them around your property. Moreover, you should also maintain a routine of reapplying this paint every year or every other year.
  • Installation of the good quality frame – Have you ever seen how a house is built? The builder pays more attention and money to give it a strong and sturdy structure than to decorate it. Similarly, when you pick a wire fence for your property it is very important for you to install a high-quality frame at first. In this case, the stronger the fence the better it is for the overall structure. Install metal posts and anchor them deep in the ground so that they don’t fall over in times of heavy storms. Make sure these posts are installed after being appropriately spaced out so that the weight of the fence is evenly divided.
  • Try using tension wires – Sagging is a common problem with almost all fences. So, as a property owner, what can you do to avoid this problem? The solution is simple and also quite easily available, use tension wires, and stretch them evenly and tightly alongside the top and the bottom of the entire fence. This is also great in eliminating the frequent cost of replacing the wire fence.

What are the different types of fencing for a property?

  • Steel mesh panel – These types of wire fences are a perfect fit for everyone, as they are easy to install and also cost-effective. Steel mesh panels have steel wire strands in them which are welded together electrically to form a strong mesh barrier from the outside environment. If you want to pick a wire fence option for your house then you should definitely go with this one.
  • Electrified fence – You will mostly see this type of fence in the house of big celebrities or in jails as they provide high security. These fences have the ability to shock anyone who will try to intrude on the property at any part of the day or night.
  • Woven wire fence – This type of fencing is done by intertwining several wire pieces in different shapes. This type of fencing is opted for by many as it gives the liberty of bending the fence in many ways. However, this is majorly used in farms and for keeping kennel dogs, to keep them in check. This is a good-quality fence and can be used for other purposes too.

Final thoughts 

Installing a good quality fence around your property is important but it is also important to manage and maintain it regularly. In this article, we have included necessary tips and tricks to help you with its proper maintenance.


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